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Southwest Corner of Arizona Avenue between 4th and 5th Streets

Clarett West Development


DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners

Financial/Equity Partner


Lead Design Architect

Van Tilburg, Banvard, and Soderbergh, AIA

Local Architect


Landscape Architect

Biederman Redevelopment Venture Corporation

Community Space Management

Total Site Area 112,000 square feet

Total Open Space 125,000 square feet

Built-in Ice Skating Bank 9,400 square feet

Sidewalk Setbacks 15 - 18 feet

Total Building 357,000 square feet

Hotel 154,000 square feet

Workspace 106,800 square feet

Very Low Income Affordable Housing 48 units

Retail 42,200 square feet

Dedicated Cultural Space 12,000 square feet

Public Plaza and Terrace 52,500 square feet

Stories 2 stories at Arizona to 12 stories mid-block

Height at Tallest Point 19 feet to 129 feet

Floor Area Ratio 3.19

Affordable Housing 48 Units

Total Parking

  • approximately 200 public spaces
  • 250 spaces will be available on a shared basis

Expansive 360 degree views from upper terrace and rooftop deck

  • Can you describe the programming of the open space?

    With an annual programming budget of $1 million annually, we are considering many offerings including:

    • Public art installations and exhibits
    • Outdoor musical performances
    • Film screenings
    • Cultural events with a new Museum space downtown
    • Specialty food, arts and crafts markets
    • Theater, Poetry Slams, and Performance Art
    • Summertime festivals
    • Holiday installations
    • Exercise Classes for youths, adults, and seniors
  • Will there still be ice skating?

    Ice skating during the winter season is an important Santa Monica tradition and it will continue as part of The Plaza at Santa Monica with an 8,000 square foot built-in ice skating rink that is part of the project’s design.

  • How will the project address the current shortage of parking downtown?

    The proposed project will include approximately 200 public spaces. In addition, up to 250 additional spaces will be available on a shared basis.

  • Is the project site City owned?

    Yes, the City of Santa Monica owns the property at 4th and Arizona and four years ago the City began a public visioning process for what could be done at the site. The Plaza at Santa Monica project was selected because of its unique, engaging and green design, its ample open space and its maximized community benefits.

  • How tall is the project?

    The Plaza at Santa Monica varies in height and is 19’ tall next to the plaza space along Arizona and steps up to 129’ in the middle of the block along 4th and 5th Streets (between Arizona Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard.)

  • How big is the project?

    The total size of the project is approximately 357,000 square feet.

  • What are the uses on each level of the building?

    This modern project will emphasize experiences. The Plaza ground floor will include open space, a specialty marketplace, a cultural/museum offering. The next 3 levels will be primarily creative workspace and a public space to view the ocean. Above this will be smaller creative workspaces. The top five floors will be a boutique hotel.

  • How did you choose the uses in the building?

    The Plaza is in the heart of downtown. The project has extensive public open space included in the design. It is a modern concept that emphasizes experiences. We will have a marketplace/cafe, a museum on the ground floor and pocket parks. The Plaza will have a post office, a dog park, community-garden plots. The workspace uses above will generate daytime activity while the hotel will bring people in the evenings and on weekends. The programming for the public open space throughout the day will invite the local community to come to The Plaza.

  • How much open space is there?

    One of the most unique elements of The Plaza at Santa Monica is the amount of open space created within the design of The Plaza. Through the innovative design of layered urban parks, we are creating more than 125,000 square feet of publicly accessible open space.

  • How many jobs will this project create?

    The Plaza at Santa Monica is proud that the project is estimated to create approximately 2,900 full and part-time jobs during construction and many more jobs including over 150 full-time union jobs upon completion.

  • How will you manage traffic?

    Most of The Plaza at Santa Monica project components, including the hotel, neighborhood retail and cafes, and affordable housing are relatively low trip generators. Moreover, the project is committed to maximizing transit and is a short walk to the Expo Line, is well served by the Big Blue Bus, and will include ample bicycle parking and a bike center. The Plaza will also implement a robust Traffic Demand Management Program and will be thoroughly analyzed as part of the City’s EIR to identify any potential impacts and mitigations.

  • What type of bicycle amenities are included in the project?

    The Plaza at Santa Monica is committed to supporting bike riders and will feature a bicycle center, bike share options, and direct access to the bike path mid-block from Fourth to Fifth Streets to make riding to and from The Plaza an easy option.

  • Will the project be sustainable?

    The Plaza at Santa Monica is a State of the Art LEED Platinum Design. It will feature innovative water recycling, co-generation, and other energy saving technologies. The design of the building allows natural light and air to penetrate every level and gives occupants access to the outdoor environment no matter what level they are on.

  • How will your project relate to the new theaters going in across Fourth Street?

    We are excited about the prospect of having theaters across Fourth Street that will replace the theaters that are closing on the Promenade. Theater goers will activate the public plaza and cafes in the evenings and on weekends and will use our garage when parking demand is lowest.

  • Are you concerned you will hit water when you build the garage?

    Downtown’s location atop the bluffs along PCH means it is well above sea level. The water table is below the deepest part of the garage so we do not expect to encounter water when the garage is built.

  • Considering the number of hotels proposed for downtown, do we need one more?

    We don’t know how many, if any of the proposed hotels will be approved and built downtown. But even if they are, our studies indicate that the demand is there for the number of new hotels that are being considered.

  • What is the Floor Area Ratio of the project?

    The Plaza at Santa Monica has an Floor Area Ratio, or density, of 3.19/1.00.

  • How can I participate in focus groups that you are planning for the programming of the public space?

    Beiderman Redevelopment Ventures, our open space management consultants, will be conducting a series of workshops to get input on the public open space program. When the workshops are scheduled, the dates and locations will be available on our website. Please join us at these workshops.

Below is a timeline of the important events in the planning and public input process

The City acquires the 4th and Arizona site

City Council endorses community outreach and a set of guiding principles for development of the site

The City Planning Commission and Downtown Santa Monica Inc. hold a community workshop about development of the site

City Council study session

Second community workshop to discuss development alternatives for the site

City Council authorizes the issuance of a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for the development of the site.

City Council requests proposals from the top 3 developers and adopts development objectives for the site

City staff receives three final development team proposals

After clarification of two of the three proposals, City Council selects The Plaza at Santa Monica and requests that the development team explore an alternative 84’ height design

Presentation of original (148’) and alternative (84’) designs to the Architectural Review Board

Presentation of original and alternative designs to Downtown Santa Monica, Inc.

Introductory community meeting with the public held at the Santa Monica Main Library to discuss the original and alternative designs

Council unanimously directs City staff to begin the public process with The Plaza at Santa Monica and proceed with the 148’ design as the base project

City-Sponsored Community Input Meeting to be held at the Santa Monica Main Library

Input from Public and City Boards and Commissions

  • Architectural Review Board Float Up
  • Planning Commission Float Up
  • City Council Float Up and Consideration of Design Concept and Initial Business Team

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Process

  • Notice of Preparation
  • Public Scoping Meeting
  • Draft EIR Released
  • 45-day Public Comment Period
  • Final EIR Released

Public Hearings

  • Planning Commission
  • City Council
  • Architectural Review Board