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In the heartIn the heart of downtown of downtown Santa Monica, The Plaza positions itself at 4th and Arizona... but our energy aims to extend far beyond the block. We are committed to Santa Monica's thriving future.

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The Plaza’s second-floor urban garden plans to use more than 11,000 sq ft in a bid for environmental justice; providing fresh local produce to various Santa Monica outlets, as well as supporting local groups aiding food insecurity.

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The Plaza includes on-site public ADA restrooms with the highest hygienic and safety standards.

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The Plaza is a jobs and revenue generator, adding 850 full-time jobs, $48M/year in annual employment income; anticipated 1,200 construction jobs implementing local hire, and $244M in employment income. This project will generate $7M in annual revenue to the city, $300M expected over 30 years. + City shares in all revenue and profit.

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The Plaza is located near the new Metro Expo Line and offers ample parking, EV charging stations, bicycle spaces, and a fullservice mobility hub, offering bike valet, classes and repairs.

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Our plan includes public seating throughout the design, paseo areas and pocket parks for relaxing, and food prep stations for picnickers.

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We are investing $24 Million into Affordable Housing in Downtown Santa Monica. In an effort to contribute to the growth of our city, we also support the Santa Monica Education Foundation, Downtown Santa Monica Association, Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, Santa Monica Youth Orchestra, the Los Angeles Hospitality Training Academy, and the Main Street Business Improvement Association.

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With dedicated direct access, our public Observation Deck will give everyone a new 360 degree view of downtown and the Pacific Ocean. The Plaza park areas are self-sustained and maintained with 24-hour security throughout.


What will this project add to the Downtown Santa Monica area?

The Plaza will create jobs starting day one of construction and beyond. Multi-faceted cultural and recreational offerings ensure that The Plaza will be an asset for downtown Santa Monica. Incorporating large and small-scale cultural programming, as well as daily activations that mingle alongside food, beverage, retail, and open public spaces offering free and paid services. Events will be curated to attract local residents, workforce, as well as a diverse regional, national, and international audience. The slate of on-site public benefits and programming will accommodate a culturally and socioeconomically diverse group of users that will be enticed to linger, wander, and participate in this blend of cultural, public, and private space in downtown Santa Monica.

What is The Plaza's cultural programming and who will be curating the events?

The Main Plaza, in conjunction with other public spaces at The Plaza, will host daily activities such as lunchtime concerts, mobile kiosks, Little Free Library and exercise classes, as well as four large-scale festivals or events inspired by the four seasons. The current vision includes the annual DTSM Winter Ice Skating Rink and builds upon that with a Fall Harvest Festival, a Spring performance series, and a Summer architectural installation curated by an arts/architecture institution (to be announced). The Main Plaza will play host to a wide range of regular programming in tandem with the Cultural Partner, the Urban Garden, with other local and regional cultural and non-profit organizations, and with various city departments.

How will you support local residents?

In addition to providing $24 million to low income housing, we are projected to create 1200 temporary jobs and 850 full-time jobs. With apartment-dwellers in mind, we will be providing bike storage and a dog park onsite as well as opportunities to participate in the Urban Garden. We will also be looking for ways to extend support to the Santa Monica Farmers Market in order to maintain, enhance and celebrate this cherished neighborhood tradition.

What city entitlements or approvals are you requesting?

The project is being conceived in partnership with the city. The vision for this project is a 10-year effort started by the City of Santa Monica beginning with the acquisition of the land. We have proposed a project that is inspired by the feedback received from the city’s community outreach and workshop regarding the site. The entitlement and approvals required are primarily a Developer Agreement to perform and maintain certain obligations to ensure the project’s success and benefit the community, and a Ground Lease, which allows control of the site for a finite period of time in order to bring this project to fruition.

In what ways will The Plaza contribute to the wellness of Santa Monica's downtown?

The City's Downtown Community Plan (adopted July 2017) calls for the creation of publicly accessible and inclusive open spaces in new developments. The Plaza directly responds to The Plan with just under an acre of public open space to replace asphalt underutilized surface parking, a sustainable and responsible construction process and final design, public spaces that support and promote the urban fabric, and enhancement of the web of interconnected public spaces in Downtown. While the Main Plaza will be designed to host large-scale gatherings, it will also be a comfortable space for leisure, incorporating games, shade, kiosks, seating, as well as performances and other activities that enliven the space.

How tall will the site be?

The building will be 129 feet tall. The portion of the building that reaches 129 feet takes up approximately 25% of the site. The remaining 75% of the site is 89 feet tall or less.

How much parking in included in the site?

We will have 476 spaces for regular and cargo sized bikes and 820 parking spaces, 200 of which are public spaces (the remaining parking spaces appropriately accommodate the mix of uses within the project).

What steps are being taken to decongest traffic in the neighborhood?

One of our guiding principals for this project is to design and program sustainably. As part of that effort, we are focused on facilitating increased foot traffic, promoting biking and alternative mobility means, and strongly supporting use of public transportation. Our events, services and attractions will be timed in such a way to reduce traffic congestion at peak hours, discounts and other incentives will be in place to promote arriving via public transport. Additionally, the project will provide 476 spaces for bike parking, bike valet services, and a programmed mobility center focused on community activities as well as advocacy of alternative transportation means.

Will programming be accessible to all?

Yes! The Plaza welcomes all visitors and affirms its commitment to offering programs and services that are accessible to everyone.

How will this project contribute to the homeless and food insecure in Santa Monica?

The Urban Garden will be donating a portion of its monthly harvest to local organizations that help provide food for those in need. Of the $24M toward affordable housing we are providing, the city can elect to a portion of that to be permanent housing for the homeless. Lastly, the project is projected to generate over $7M annually in funds to the city, which the city may elect to earmark toward the development of future affordable housing projects.

How much open space will The Plaza have?

The overall project will include 119,000sf of open space. Approximately 42,000sf will be dedicated Public Open Space — this will include the Main Plaza, Amphitheater, Dog Park, and Pocket Parks on ground level, the Urban Garden on the second level, and an Observation Deck on the roof.

Who will operate the hotel?

Stay tuned! We are currently in the selection process.